Great Service and Staff!

I have been receiving treatment from Path to Wellness since January 2012. The staff is courteous to me and is quick to get me in and out, due to my work schedule. I have referred many of my co-workers and would recommend to anyone that has slight pain. I dealt with pain for the longest time and can tell you now, the pain is gone. Great job. Thanks so much!

Jason Zantjer

What others have said…

“Path to Wellness is the most holistic chiropractic experience I have ever had. In addition to your outstanding adjustments, the variety of therapeutic treatments, spinal decompression, and rehabilitation exercises you offer have made an incredible difference in the way I am feeling. I have suffered from low back pain for close to fifteen years after a sports injury. I had been to other chiropractors and other doctors for the pain, but had little to no relief. With the treatment plan from Path to Wellness my back feels like it did before my injury. I only wish I had been able to visit them sooner!

Just as important as the treatment, your knowledgeable, courteous, and fun staff goes above and beyond to make my experience an enjoyable one and they are truly committed to their patients’ well-being. They listen when concerns are shared and offer guidance and explanations. In addition, they work to create a community for all their patients providing opportunities for common experiences and give back to the community on different levels ranging from food drives to support local events. Path to Wellness has the perfect recipe for success with their approach of each patient as a person and not a number.

Thanks for everything you have done for me.”

Mike B

“As a patient over the last year, I really appreciate all of the help, both you and your staff, have given me. You have made me more aware of my posture and overall health and I owe you greatly for that.

As you know, I am a runner and have run in many different events over the past year ranging from 5K’s to ½ Marathon’s and have been pain free due to your treatment. You and your staff are always willing to go the extra mile to squeeze me into your busy schedule. I’m really excited to have my children come to you so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives starting young and not waiting until they have problems or issues.

You have a great operation and I always send people I know your way and will continue. Thanks again for your help with me and the community.”

James C

“I was in a car accident on September 16, 2008. One year later, I was still suffering from shoulder and neck pain. A co-worker recommended Path to Wellness Chiropractic. I have been a patient for several months now. Dr. Roberson has been very attentive and concerned for my well being.

From the beginning, I felt that her goal was to get to the cause of my pain and heal my body. She has been successful in relieving my discomfort.

Dr. Roberson and her staff are extremely professional, courteous, and friendly. They are dedicated to the patients and are sincere about the level of care for her patients. They work well as a team. My experience at Path to Wellness has been very positive. I would recommend Dr. Roberson and her staff to anyone with the desire to improve his or her health and well being.

Karen K

“Thanks for attending our employee healthfair in October 2009 and screening our employees. Your services have proven to be invaluable to several of our employees and also to myself.

Having injured myself a couple of years ago in an ATV accident, I have made significant progress in improving my flexability and have significantly improved my overall health due to your medical services.

I would like to say thanks and complement your organization on its professionalism and the great care that I have received. It is also wonderful in these tough economic times to see a young business serve the community and do well, which is a testament to the quality of your service.”

Herbert B

“I met Dr. Roberson at a Lukes Locker event. Since my first visit, I have found she and the staff at Path to Wellness to be incredibly kind and extremely professional. Most importantly, Dr. Lauren has made me feel 100% better. This past week I ran in the New York Marathon and did it pain free. I’m not sure I could have completed the 26 miles without the help of Path to Wellness. Between my spinal adjustments, therapy exercises, cold laser therapy, and physical training, in a short period of time Path to Wellness has worked to make me feel better and be a much better runner.”

Jill M

“I cannot thank Dr. Roberson and her staff for all the help they have given me over the past few weeks. I sprained my ankle and it was not getting better, but thanks to Dr. R’s therapies, Pam’s patience with the cold laser therapy, and Steven teaching me how to wrap my ankle with both an Ace bandage and actual tape, my rehabilitation is going great.  At each session, Lauren has been so helpful explaining the right and wrong things for me to do. Pam and Steven have been so supportive in their questions and in helping me towards recovery. I want to also say how great it is to find a doctor that is so supportive of natural supplementation. I know that the changes Dr. Roberson made in my supplements had sped my healing process. I recommend Path To Wellness to all my friends and think you should too.”
Dana K
I was so skeptical coming to see a Chiropractor. My doctor basically said that there was no way I was getting around another back surgery. From my first appointment at Path to Wellness, I started feeling better and over the last two months I have actually concluded that another surgery was definitely not needed. Thanks to Dr. Roberson, she saved me from the knife, and with the on-going therapy we are doing I feel confident I will never have to worry about surgery again.”
Tom C